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Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice are a delicious and easy way to get some of your daily recommended vegetables. Tempura vegetables are a classic Japanese recipe, and adding it to egg fried rice leaves you with a very Asian-influenced meal.

The tempura vegetables in this recipe should end up crispy, light, and should not be greasy whatsoever. The tempura batter does a great job of enhancing the flavours of the vegetables that it coats, and anyone who tries this recipe is sure to fall in love with this unique way of preparing vegetables.

Tempura Vegetables Ingredients (4 people)

200 g Eggplant
200 g Baguio beans
200 g Potatoes large
100 g Broccoli
100 g Cauliflower
8 g Salt
4 g Cracked black pepper
40 g Flour
400 ml Batter for frying
200 g Atchara
400 g Egg fried rice
40 ml Local soy sauce

Tempura Vegetables Preparation

To begin, slice up both the eggplant and potatoes and then boil them until they are soft.

You will now need to top and tail the beans as evenly as you can. Next simply cut the broccoli and cauliflower into attractive florettes. When this is done, dust the vegetables lightly in flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dip the floured vegetables in batter and deep fry them until they are golden and the vegetables are soft. If you haven’t deep fried anything before, it might take you a couple tries until you find the optimal amount of time to fry the vegetables for. Make sure you drain them well as this ensures your tempura will have a nice light, crispy texture.

When you are done, arrange the tempura vegetables on a plate. To complete the dish, serve the tempura vegetables along with soy sauce, atchara and egg fried rice.

Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice are a great option if you need to clean out the fridge of leftover vegetables. Making this dish is definitely not as difficult as it seems, and even a beginner chef will find that they get the hang of the process of deep frying quite quickly. As a general tip for anyone looking to create the perfect tempura, be sure that your vegetables are dry before you coat them, and fry only a few pieces at a time to prevent them from sticking together. If you decide to take a stab at this dish, tell me how it turned out by leaving a comment.