Spaghetti Pasta with Three Kind of Cheese

Spaghetti with Three kinds of CheeseSpaghetti Pasta with Three Cheese is a quick and easy recipe that features a deliciously creamy cheese sauce. The combination of Feta, Edam, and Parmesan in this dish means that it is sure to please all of you cheese lovers out there. Spaghetti is a classic Italian dish and a popular type of pasta that everyone knows and loves. Spaghetti Pasta with Three Cheeses is so delicious and so simple to make, it is the perfect dish if you need something simple but tasty to whip up in a hurry.

Spaghetti Pasta with Three Cheeses (6 people)


Spaghetti with Three kinds of Cheese800 g spaghetti pasta
40 ml vegetable oil
80 g white onions
8 g garlic
80 ml white wine
400 ml cream
8 g salt
4 g cracked black pepper
120 g parmesan
80 g feta cheese
80 g Edam cheese
80 g spring onions


Begin by heating the vegetable oil in a wok, and slice the onions and garlic up thinly. Next, begin to sauté the onions and garlic in the vegetable oil. Once the onions turn slightly brown, slowly add the white wine and reduce.

The next step is to add the cream and then season everything with some salt and some pepper. Reduce the cream until it reaches a saucy consistency.

Once the cream is ready, go ahead and add the blanched spaghetti pasta, diced feta cheese, and grated parmesan and edam cheeses. Mix it up well until all the cheeses are slightly melted and the spaghetti is hot and well coated with sauce.

Remove the dish from the heat source and carefully place the spaghetti onto a pasta plate. To finish it off and add some colour, sprinkle on top some shaved parmesan and some chopped spring onions. The dish is now ready to serve and enjoy.

As I mentioned before, this dish is a great option to prepare if you are working within a time limit, but you still want a dish that looks and tastes like you put a lot of time into it. The three cheese sauce is an excellent idea if you are looking for an alternative to plain old tomato sauce for your spaghetti. I think the white wine really adds to the dish as well, helping to meld together the flavours of all three cheeses. Try making Spaghetti Pasta with Three Cheeses yourself and tell me how it turns out.