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seafood cocktailWhether you are looking for an elegant appetizer or a light main course, you can never go wrong with a cool and refreshing Seafood Cocktail. When made with freshly prepared seafood, this exotic recipe really goes well with any kind of meal.

Make sure that you take care when choosing the seafood for this dish as that is what is going to make the difference between a success and a failure.

Thousand Island dressing is the perfect match as a dressing for any type of seafood. It goes especially well with shrimp and doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the squid.

Seafood Cocktail for 4 people

seafood-cocktail200 g shrimps

200 g Dorado fillet

200 g Squid

80 ml Thousand Island dressing

8 g Salt

4 g Cracked black pepper

80 g spring onions

20 g Lettuce

Preparation of Seafood Cocktail

First, prepare the shrimps by peeling them and removing both their heads and tails. Cut the Dorado fillet into cubes and slice the squid into fairly thick strips.

Next, blanch the seafood until it is cooked through and refresh. Mix the seafood with the Thousand Island dressing and then go ahead and season it all with some salt and pepper.

Place a lettuce cup in the center of a entree plate. You then place the seafood cocktail into the lettuce cup. The final step to completing your Seafood Cocktail is to garnish it with spring onions and cracked black pepper.

The Seafood Cocktail is now ready to be served

A Seafood Cocktail is perfect for a dinner party or even a smaller get together with friends. Using this preparation method, you end up with an attractive looking appetizer that many will find hard to resist. This Seafood Cocktail will become a favourite for many of the seafood lovers out there, and will probably even convert some of those who aren’t particularly fond of seafood.