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Pork-Medallions on Potato MashThis recipe combines lean and tender pork medallions and hearty potato mash with a colorful pineapple chutney and sweet balsamic reduction.

The preparation is quite straightforward and basically involves simple grilling of the pork and mashing of the potatoes.

Once each part is prepared, there is really only some simple layering involved, and then that’s it in terms of the preparation. Sound simple?

Ingredients for Pork Medallion (4 people)

pork-medallions800 g pork loin

400 g potato mash

160 g spring onions

200 g pineapple chutney

8 g salt

4 g cracked black pepper

60 g vegetable oil

40 g balsamic reduction

Preparation of the Pork Medallion:

Begin preparation by trimming the pork loin and cutting it into medallions. Season the pork with salt and pepper and then grill the pork with vegetable oil.

Heat up the mashed potatoes and add the chopped spring onions. Now season the mashed potatoes with salt and pepper to taste.

Next, place one piece of the pork loin on the main plate.

Top the pork with the spring onion and potato mash, and then add another piece of pork as the next layer. Add another layer of the spring onion potato mash, then layer with the final piece of pork.     Garnish the layered pork and potato mash with the warm pineapple chutney. Drizzle with the balsamic reduction, and as a final touch, top the dish with chopped spring onions.

The Pork Medallions layered with Mash is ready to be served and enjoyed.

The pineapple chutney does an excellent job of livening up both the mash and the pork. Pork also has an affinity for sweet flavours, so the pineapple is a perfect fit for this dish. I also love the rich dense flavour and firm texture of pork tenderloin, and this recipe does a great job of highlighting both of these attributes. Try this dish with a side of steamed vegetables; it goes especially well with steamed buttered cabbage and cauliflower.