Vegetarian Dishes

Our international chefs are aware of the requirements to prepare tasty vegetarian dishes, no matter if you are vegetarian by conviction or need to eat vegetarian food because of medical circumstances like allergies. We will not use any kind of chicken or beef stock etc. for preparation, like it can happen in places with untrained kitchen staff.

Käs  Spätzle

Homemade oven baked German Pasta with melted Cheese.

Banana Vegetable Curry

Sweet spicy red curry cooked in coconut milk with fresh grilled garden vegetables, Banana and fresh basil leaves.

Vegetarian Bami Goreng

Indonesia Noodle pan with a choice of Vegetables in coconut sauce.

Pasta Verdura

Italian pasta with Vegetable, tomato sauce and fresh basil.

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Finest grilled vegetables seasoned with Balsamico Vinegar and Olive Oil.