Tex- Mex Southern Cuisine


Tortilla roll with chicken or beef filling topped with hot salsa. Comes with fresh garden salad on mango dressing and homemade nachos.


Choice of grilled chicken or beef rolled in tortilla. Comes with Chips and spicy salsa.

Guacamole three ways (tres Estilos)

Three different avocado dips of lettuce, cucumber, olives, onions, served with chips.


3 pieces of taco hard shells with the choice of grilled chicken, beef or fish with tomatoes, lettuce and spicy tomato salsa.


Grilled chicken, bacon and bottom mushroom mixed with cheese and wrapped in tortillas. Comes with guacamole salad.

Green Tabasco Chicken

Roasted chicken marinated in green pepper sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Mexican Sampler

Selection of best Mexican Dishes (good for 2 Person)

Papaya Chicken Burrito

Tortilla roll stuffed with grilled chicken, olives papaya, rice, black beans and cream souce.

Cajun Spiced Fillet

From the Grill, on a bed of Garden lettuce.

… and round up your Mexican dining experience with a:

Frozen Margarita –Strawberry, lime or classic