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Homemade Fish StockFish bones and fish heads are usually used to make Fish Stock, which forms the basis of many dishes including fish soups and sauces.

Fish Stock can be prepared weeks or even months ahead of time and kept frozen for use in future dishes, without even sacrificing any of its quality of flavor.

The most popular use for our Fish Stock recipe is as a base for several tasty fish based soups.

Ingredients for fish stock (makes 1 batch)

1000 g Fish bones and heads

Fish Stock - homemade150 g White onions

100 g Celery

50 g Spring onions

10 g Garlic

400 ml White wine

5000 ml Water

3 g  Bay leaves

3g Cloves whole


The first step in preparing your fish stock is to wash the fish bones well making sure that all blood is removed. Once the bones are sufficiently clean, chop them up into small pieces.

Finely chop the onions, celery, garlic, and spring onions. Once you are done this, place everything into a pot along with the chopped up fish bones. Add to the pot the white wine and water, and also add both the bay leaves and the cloves.

Next you are going to want slowly bring the whole thing to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, allow it to boil rapidly for about 10 seconds.

Reduce the heat and then let the fish stock simmer gently for 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up, the stock should appear clear and all of the scum should have risen to the surface. Allow the fish stock to sit for 10 minutes so it has a chance to settle.

Finally, all that needs to be done now is to slowly and gently strain the fish stock through a cloth.

This recipe for Fish Stock is great way to find a use for the leftover bones and fish heads from whole fish. If possibly, try to avoid oily fish such as mackerel of salmon. Instead, choose a more lean fish, something like bass or cod. This will ensure you are left with a quality stock that will work well in any recipe you choose to use it in. The great thing about Fish Stock is unlike other soup stocks such as beef of chicken stocks which need hours to come together.