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 *Visayan Breakfast   P295.00

chicken fried in bread crust with a fried egg,
rice and juice, coffee or tea

*Chicken Tocino   P275.00

chicken tocino with rice and fried egg,
juice, coffee or tea

*Garden Salad   P165.00

bowl of garden fresh mixed greens with
our Casablanca house dressing

*Grilled Chicken Salad   P265.00

best fresh garden salad with grilled chicken
filet and our very own vinaigrette dressing

*Hungarian Goulash Soup   P225.00

savory creamy soup with potatoes
and imported beef

*Lentil Soup   P165.00

hearty rich Austrian style soup
with sliced sausage

*Oriental Chicken Curry   P295.00

curry with chicken, vegetables served with rice

*Chicken in Bread Crust   P265.00

breaded fried chicken breast with plain rice

*Casablanca Schnitzel   P345.00

breaded and fried XXL pork tenderloin
with lemon and parsley potatoes

*Schweinebraten   P345.00

traditional German roast pork with
sauerkraut, bread dumplings and beer sauce

*Pork Cordon Bleu   P395.00

pork scallop stuffed with ham and cheese with German potato salad 

    *Mushroom Risotto   P355.00

risotto rice with truffle cream and mushroom

*Bolognese   P295.00

spaghetti bolognese with fresh tomato sauce and ground meat

*Carbonara   P285.00

creamy white sauce with bacon and cheese

*Marinara   P335.00

assorted fresh seafood in white wine cream sauce

*Pork Adobo   P285.00

simmered pork with bell pepper, garlic, onion and rice

*Fish and Chips   P295.00

local fresh fish with malt vinegar

*The Wall Breaker   P285.00

200 gm pure beef, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, chips

*Cheese Burger   P295.00

200 gm beef patty with cheddar
and mozzarella cheese, lettuce and fresh tomatoes

*Pizza Americano   P270.00

with salami Milano

*Cheese Burger   P295.00

200 gm beef patty with cheddar
and mozzarella cheese, lettuce and fresh tomatoes


*Large French Bread   P  90.00

*Ciabatta Bread            P140.00

*Rye Bread                    P185.00


For orders, call 422 4080 or 0917 300 9708

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