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Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice

Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice are a delicious and easy way to get some of your daily recommended vegetables. Tempura vegetables are a classic Japanese recipe, and adding it to egg fried rice leaves you with a very Asian-influenced meal.

The tempura vegetables in this recipe should end up crispy, light, and should not be greasy whatsoever. The tempura batter does a great job of enhancing the flavours of the vegetables that it coats, and anyone who tries this recipe is sure to fall in love with this unique way of preparing vegetables. Continue reading

Stir Fried Pork with Pineapple

Stir-Fried-Pork-And-Pineapple2If you are looking for the perfect recipe for a dinner for friends, look no farther than Stir Fried Pork and Pineapple.
The pineapple really gives this recipe a fresh, sweet twist, while the pork and vegetables mean that the dish still has substance.

The fresh bell peppers and pineapple make for a very colorful and fun dish, all while keeping the ease and simplicity of preparing a stir fry. Continue reading

Spaghetti Pasta with Three Kind of Cheese

Spaghetti with Three kinds of CheeseSpaghetti Pasta with Three Cheese is a quick and easy recipe that features a deliciously creamy cheese sauce. The combination of Feta, Edam, and Parmesan in this dish means that it is sure to please all of you cheese lovers out there. Spaghetti is a classic Italian dish and a popular type of pasta that everyone knows and loves. Spaghetti Pasta with Three Cheeses is so delicious and so simple to make, it is the perfect dish if you need something simple but tasty to whip up in a hurry. Continue reading