Asian Cuisine

Vermicelli Noodle Salad

Vermicelli Noodle SaladVermicelli Noodle Salad is a Thai-inspired pasta salad that is made with vermicelli noodles and a flavorful Thai dressing.

It is very low in calories and it is also both wheat and gluten free. This healthy dish makes the perfect side dish or summertime snack. Even on its own, this Asian noodle salad is a great choice for anyone looking for a cool and refreshing light meal.

While this recipe for Vermicelli Noodle Salad does call for some meat, you could easily turn it into a vegetarian dish if desired. Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sweet An Sour Sauce Preparation Sauces are meant to add flavor to a dish and make it taste better.

This recipe for Sweet and Sour Sauce is made by combining a sweet component and a sour component with something to thicken it and give it a sauce like consistency.

This specific recipe offers just the right balance of sweet and sour flavors, and it can be paired together perfectly with many of your favorite dishes. Continue reading

Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice

Tempura Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice are a delicious and easy way to get some of your daily recommended vegetables. Tempura vegetables are a classic Japanese recipe, and adding it to egg fried rice leaves you with a very Asian-influenced meal.

The tempura vegetables in this recipe should end up crispy, light, and should not be greasy whatsoever. The tempura batter does a great job of enhancing the flavours of the vegetables that it coats, and anyone who tries this recipe is sure to fall in love with this unique way of preparing vegetables. Continue reading