Casablanca Menu

Three international head-chefs with experience of more than 100 years working all over the world guarantee that our dishes are not faked. To ensure the best and freshest quality, we purchase our seafood and fish daily fresh from the markets and local suppliers. For our international dishes, we use imported ingredients to produce our own products. Our Casablanca Menu caters for everyone, including kids, vegetarians, and seafood – lover.

Starting the day with a delicious Breakfast while watching the City of Dumaguete waking up from the Rizal Boulevard at the waterfront is the perfect start into the day. The smell of brewed coffee, the first sun-rays of the day, paired with a fresh ocean – breeze… it does not get better than that! For a lunch or dinner meal, start your dining experience with a few starters or maybe a soup or a salad.

For meat lovers, we have a wide selection of mouthwatering main courses of Chicken, Pork, and Steaks. Larger family or friend groups can also enjoy our Gourmet Platters that could satisfy up to 12 people per platter at a very budget-friendly price. Paired up with some refreshing drinks, your dining experience with friends and family will be a total blast!

Cold Cut-Platter, Seafood, Mexican, Mediterranean, you name it, we have it. In addition to our menu, we can recommend our family-style dining. Our guests set the budget per person and get a variety of starters, main courses, and dessert. Get in touch with us if you plan to have your business lunch or dinner with us. We have quiet air-conditioned rooms available for you, your clients and partners.

What else could make your fine dining experience better than a couple of refreshing drinks to help you bring out the best of each dishes. From an energy-boosting coffee or fresh fruit juice to a bold and strong beer and cocktails. We also have a wide selection of red and white wines for fermented grapefruit lovers.

Casablanca is also the perfect location for your lunch-break with our daily Lunch Specials. Several daily changing Lunch Specials for  270Php, including complimentary bread, small salad, soup and a drink, give you the energy for the afternoon. The specials change daily and depend on the availability and freshness of the ingredients.

If you are craving for something which is not in our Casablanca Menu,
please get in touch with us.

Casablanca will not serve you any dish without the chef having experience in that cuisine. We do not fancy up dishes with exotic names to call it “international”. This is what makes us the best restaurant in Dumaguete City.