Casablanca Delicatessen

… fine and exquisite

Casablanca Oven Fresh Bread

Only the finest and most exquisite articles find their way to Casablanca Deli Shop.

Visit us for our selection on homemade and imported food and beverages with the finest wine selection in Dumaguete City.

Exquisite Wines

Our exquisite selection of international quality wines includes wines from France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Latin America.

Oven-fresh Bread

Deli Dumaguete

Daily fresh and crisp selection of homemade bread loafs, bread rolls and baguettes, from our own Casablanca bakery with imported ingredients ensure the highest possible quality.

Finest Cheeses, Cold Cuts & Sausages

Casablanca’s comprehensive selection of cheeses include various hard cheeses like Emmenthal, Edam and Mozarella and soft cheeses like Brie, blue cheeses and Greek Feta cheese.
In the meat section you find assorted cold cuts like Lyoner of different flavors, meat loafs, various sausages for pan frying or boiling or BBQ

Imported Dry Goods

Our comprehensive dry good section include only the finest imported delicacies from various parts of Europe and the Mediterranean alike. Various fruit and vegetable pickles like pickled sweet & sour gherkins, original German sauerkraut and red cabbage. Delicious marmalade, jams and fruit jellies.Fine selection on pastas. Finest processed meat spreads, cold cuts and fish filets in various herbal dips.